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Cocktail or Sit Down Reception?

It’s wedding season! Time for dress and tux fittings, photographer bookings, flower shopping and more. One of the most stressful parts is choosing your wedding “style.” The newest trend that a lot of Brides are going for is the cocktail reception. I have been a part of both a cocktail reception and a sit-down dinner reception. There are pros and cons and dos and don’ts to both just like anything in life. In Monmouth and Ocean County there are plenty of venues that offer both. If you’re looking for a more formal setting definitely go with a sit down dinner. Cocktail receptions are more laid back with guests choosing where and if they sit and hor d’oeuvres are passed throughout the night. Cocktail receptions can be great for people who want that laid back feeling where people have more opportunity to socialize. Buffets play a big part in cocktail receptions as well so if you prefer your guests being up more often then go with a cocktail reception. Sit down dinners keep the guests more confined to their tables and could mean a little less socializing. Just be aware if you have older guests, they may be put off by a cocktail reception (it is out of the norm for them) so be sure they have seating. As for entertainment, a great DJ or band can make or break the wedding. A good DJ or MC can get a crowd going and dancing up a storm. A band could do the same so make sure when picking your entertainment a lot of research is done! Ask for references and look up reviews. A lot of time is spent at weddings dancing and you want your guests dancing to great music, it totally sets the mood of the night (Or day) I personally have worked with many DJ’s and one of the best I have worked with is Elite entertainment. So do your research and keep in mind your guests as well when planning. Happy Planning!!!


Don’t forget about the all important Body Parts!!!

What about how we look in those photos we just invested so much money in?


So as we all know getting married takes a lot of planning and budgeting and depending on how elaborate we want our Wedding to be it can be extremely expensive.


With that being said…we put all this time and money into picking the right Venue, DJ or Band, Photographer, Florist “Wedding Planner” Etc what about investing in ourselves?


We need to look fantastic in those photos that we invested in, not just with the beautiful dress, hair and makeup but our whole selves.


Imagine yourself in your dream dress your hair and makeup perfect your beautiful smile but when you see your completed photos you wished your arms were a little more sculpted and your shoulders had that sexy little cap definition to them or whatever the little nit picking you may do to yourself.


Do your self a favor and check yourself out when you try on your dress. know what you want that dress to look like. What you want your arms, shoulders, chest and back to look like in it.

If you try it on and you are happy with all of you… FANTASTIC!


However, if your not do something about it and get happy with all of you. Consider a personal trainer four to six months before your wedding. A personal trainer will work on the body parts you are not happy with and get you the results you want. Find the right trainer for you. They are definitely worth the investment.

Price out a few personal trainers in your area and schedule some free consultations. Make sure the one you decide to go with you are comfortable with because they are going to work you, that’s their job. If you’re in the Monmouth County area I recommend “Body By Irene”. She will listen to what it is you expect and want from her and she will work with you to achieve the results you want.

Unique Wedding Ideas for One-of-a-kind Brides

So, couples are always asking: How do I make this wedding really M-I-N-E? I don’t want my guests to think they have to endure another wedding that’s just like the last five they’ve been too. The possibilities are endless, but here’s some things broken down by category:

The Music Lover Bride

Instead of a traditional guest book to have your guests sign… how about signing a vinyl record? After the wedding, you can have it framed like a celebrity’s platinum record!

  • music-inspired-wedding-099 - Ruffled. This is so me
  • A Musical Wedding Theme | Arabia Weddings@kr168849 Keywords: #weddings #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:
  • I'll write the sheet music for our songs for the wedding; print then die-cut heart them for the centre-pieces? Maybe?
  • music theme
  • I have such a passion for music, and this would be absolutely amazing if I could pull this off!!!!!!!!!
  • MUSIC theme :  wedding music theme songs Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTFx689wOLLe73UqTfub QwMpOXGokoPk1WGxYCY55mSTDjTrMlIw
  • Music Themed Wedding...Need to be done in blue for something blue
  • You are my melody. We are a harmony. Aren't these song-inspired wedding rings so thoughtful?
  • Musical Note Bookmark Favor $.89 for 96 or more
  • Creative Wedding Guestbooks | Musical Notes |
  • Here's the paper flower bouquet I had found.  To me it looks like they lined the edge of the flowers with blue ink or paint.  I suppose the paper could also be book quotes, or even use the galyfreyan on the paper then make it in the bouquet.    music themed wedding accessories ceremony reception decor paper flower centerpiece
  • Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli wedding. June 21st 2014. Original wedding dress. Music scale. Pentagram. Musical notes. Beautiful

The Thoughtful Bride

How many weddings have you been to that you melted in the sun or froze in the November breeze? What about the beach wedding that you didn’t know you’d be walking in sand or the reception hall that was so far away your feet were aching before the bride even danced with the groom?

  • Outdoor this idea! @Ella Finlayson you HAVE to do this...please. lol
  • Keep Warm At Wedding
  • cold hands warm hearts (song by Brendan Benson) via Ruffled Blog
  • Even in the winter you can have that outdoor wedding you always dreamed of! Just bring along some blankets for guests. Find blankets for rent and/or sale at!  Splendor for Your Guests | Rental Company | Weddings | Events | Shawls | Blankets | Umbrellas | Parasols | Fans
  • Un plus en toda regla! Regalar sombrillas, abanicos y sombreros a los invitados.  La boda entera es un espectáculo!
  • Personalized Sunglasses from! These are such a great summer wedding buy!! Available May 18, 2015.
  • Great idea for an outdoor ceremony -- even better idea if we want to encourage our guests to dress in our style! Long strands of pearls for the ladies, fedoras for the men?
  • Umbrellas - summer wedding
  • We are just loving this pashmina shawl display! Perfect for any wedding, event or photo shoot. Find them for rent and/or sale at!  Splendor for Your Guests | Rental Company | Weddings | Events | Shawls | Blankets | Umbrellas | Parasols | Fans
  • sunglasses for each of the guests at this sunny destination wedding in Jamaica   Photography By /, Wedding Planning By /
  • What a fun idea! Coordinate your event or wedding colors with paper fans on each seat. Find fans for sale at! Splendor for Your Guests | Rental Company | Weddings | Events | Shawls | Blankets | Umbrellas | Parasols | Fans
  • Umbrellas will make guests comfortable for a sunny or rainy outdoor wedding ceremony |

The Adult Balloon Bride

What’s not to love about balloons? But, when brides are thinking about their wedding they want to make sure it won’t end up looking like a children’s party instead of a wedding! HINT: If you want your balloons to hang upside down, just stick a marble in the balloon BEFORE you blow it up! OR stick a glow stick in a water balloon. Then put the water balloon in a white stocking and hang it for an awesome effect!

  • The balloons make it look all fun and playful. The high ceiling with the wood beams is a cool contrast.
  • if your like me .. thinking the space your going to have may not fit the , Long drapes coming from the ceiling .. this is an option , just cut the strings a lil shorter .. n give the balloon to the kids at the end of the evening.
  • Want to add an instant "wow factor" to your party? Group some gold or white balloons together to float above each table or tie several on strings from the ceiling to the floor for an amazing backdrop. | Kate Aspen Blog
  • Helium balloons released at the conclusion of your wedding ceremony can create a beautiful effect. Everyone at the wedding holds a balloon, makes a wish for the bride and groom, then lets the balloons fly up into the sky. Gorgeous effect! orange! I LIKE THIS IDEA AS THE BRIDE AND GROOM ARE LEAVING RECEPTION-MAYBE WITH LIT UP BALLOONS.!!!!!! We need to do this!!!!
  • put a water balloon with a glow stick on   the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling.
  • balloon + tulle. This is so easy looking and so beautiful, weight down with magnets or something
  • Brides: Whimsical, Fantasy Wedding Dresses : The highlights of this silk-organza-and-tulle confection include a draped sweetheart bodice trimmed with fringe, a mohair peplum skirt, and a blush-colored flower belt.
  • To get balloon to hang upside down... put a marble in the balloon before you blow it up. Gorgeous effect.
  • engagement shoot with balloons...i love this as a proposal idea
  • 48 Creative Handmade Wedding Details - Venue Decoration
  • A-Z Guide to Wedding Planning | Bridal Musings

Toss the Plain White Aisle Runner Idea… Along With Your Bouquet!

We’ve all seen the white aisle runner rolled out. You may have seen guests trip on it. You may have seen the unsightly tape on the floor to keep it from rolling back up. If it’s a long aisle, it may not even reach where the bride enters the ceremony space. So how about some beautiful new ideas to walk on?

  • Glittery Star Floor Runner - the kids of the wedding party could have great fun making these stars!
  • Top 10: Aisle runners
  • Rather go out of the country if funds are possible but if not.....Affordable Destination Weddings | Destin FL Beach Weddings
  • Wedding Trends 2014 - Radiant Orchid Wedding | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
  • Fall outdoor wedding aisle decorated with leaves Just an idea-indoor could use false leaves
  • TPC Jacksonville Florida Wedding, Traditional Mandap, Full Formation, Grand Mandap, Shades of Pink, Shades of Orange, Suhaag Garden, Florida Indian Wedding
  • Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas with 50 Stunning Wedding Aisle Designs
  • Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas with 50 Stunning Wedding Aisle Designs | Wedding Photography Design
  • Love this! Need to find sea glass & get more starfish!   Wedding Starfish used for Beach Wedding
  • Aisle for wedding | Wedding ceremony Decor / Wedding, Flowers, Pink, Ceremony, B...
  • Gorgeous aisle.... if I can afford that many flowers! LOL  (from The Knot Dream Wedding)

The Bride that’s Planning to Marry a ‘GAMER’

Through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, whether he shuts the video games off or not?!
Most brides don’t want a costume party wedding – ESPECIALLY if you’re not planning to marry in October. However, many brides do want to have something more exciting than flowers, dresses, hair and makeup to get their fiancee a little bit more excited about the wedding. Whether it’s a special cake, a pair of shoes, a little mask or an undershirt that can make it’s appearance for the photographer to capture…there are many subtle ways to keep tradition and glamour throughout the event AND please the gamer in your life too!

  • Action Heroes, Ninjas Make Gamer's Dream Wedding Come True.  While the guests looked slightly shocked, it wasn't all that surprising when successful video game developer Adam Bohn (better known by his online persona Artix von Krieger) lived out his action-hero fantasies during his recent wedding to his girlfriend Michelle Chang. "Everybody was expecting something," Bohn tells Yahoo Shine. "They just didn't know how far we'd go."
  • Funny Destiny Xbox One Gamer Wedding Cake Topper Bride and groom
  • Stephanie and Jerred’s Gamer Wedding. Photos by True Love Photos.
  • Adantha Wedding - 8 bit nintendo theme Photo By Mathy Shoots People
  • Superhero Wedding. This is actually pretty cool from a geek standpoint :p
  • Maegan and Michael's Geeky Santa Monica Wedding - Star Wars Wedding Cake- Amanda Mckinnon Photography
  • Anna   Jonny’s Retro Gamer Wedding
  • The ring bearer dressed up as Frodo?!?! Totally geeking out right now!!!!
  • This would be a cute cake topper. But, I still would like my original idea. But, if need be this is a good backup.
  • Timeless Wedding Necktie Set 5 Doctor Who TARDIS by binarywinter. For our Dr. Who themed wedding someday. Definitely goofy while still looking nice.
  • How to make a lightsaber cake knife for your Star Wars wedding | Offbeat Bride--I've pinned this before, but couldn't find it, so I just repinned it from the site...going to start working on this, this wknd!
  • superhero cufflinks...the transformers ones would go perfect with our story! My fiance asked me on our first date with a transformers valentine :)

A Bride with a Sense of Humor

How about a “Secret Agent” ring bearer carrying the ultra-important rings down the aisle? Cue cards during the best man speech?

  • Funny Wedding Photos - Funny Wedding Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
  • Baseball wedding this is my favorite Baseball Wedding
  • several couples' vows. Some funny, some sweet... all are fun to read!
  • Uncle Sign Last Chance  Uncle   Here comes the by CastleInnDesigns, $32.95 Haha this is too cute!
  • I am not usually into wedding stuff, but I really want a photographer who would let me do this
  • Don’t beat around the bush. | 25 Ways To Make Your Wedding Funnier
  • Wedding cue cards HA
  • Cue guests to participate in your ceremony with wedding cue cards | Offbeat Bride
  • 21 Insanely Fun Wedding Ideas - Display Cue Cards at Your Ceremony
  • Asking the Ring Bearer to be in the wedding. The top secret envelope has a mission assignment poem. The brief case is filled kid spy gear.  The poem:  The rings are precious, guard them at all cost.  Your mission agent Ty is keep them from getting lost.  Deliver the ring in a secret agent case, no girlie pillow, no ruffles, no lace.  The mission should you accept it requires that you move, groove, and shake it.  Down the aisle you must dance, to complete a day of romance.  When the bride and groom you greet, then your mission is complete.
  • Ring Security Badge - Ring Bearer - Ring Security Agent. $12.00, via Etsy.
  • Ring Protection Agent. I have 4 nephews in the 12-15 age that I wanted to be a part of the wedding but too old for ring bearer and too many to add as groomsmen. This was a fun idea people seemed to love. Our Ceremony was very sweet, meaningful and this added just enough smiles. Two of the guys walked in first then the ring bearer then two behind. Protecting the ring bearer as he walked down the isle. The boys also wore the FBI ear pieces.

The Bathroom — Seriously?!

I am totally serious! You may not think this is even a room that needs anything, however your guests WILL notice and love it! A few decorations will go a long way and don’t forget the “BASKET OF NECESSITIES”! Everything from safety pins to tissues. Also, a piece of chalk– its an old Wedding Planner trick — it hides a multitude of stains on a wedding dress!

  • Avoid any worst-case scenario on your big day with these must-haves.
  • Wraps - I think we will just paint a board or lattice ahead of time, set in place, anchor three panels with tie-wraps.  If this is too much work, you can get these in a shrink wrap type product;  Easy Wraps are 48" x 76" pre-printed panels w vibrant images for standard size portable restroom. Available in attractive designs for weddings & celebrations. Manufactured with a durable substrate and UV ink that resists tearing and fading.
  • Bathroom Stall Decorations, It's all in the details
  • Restroom arrangements are a really nice touch and an easy way to up the 'wow' factor of your wedding.
  • Make sure your guests stay comfortable at the wedding with DIY "save a guest" kits.    For the men's kit, I had:  Tide pen,  Lint roller,  Band-aids,      Antacids,      Ibuprofen,      Floss,      Safety pins,      Breath mints.    For the women's kit, I had all the above items, as well as:        Nail files,      Bobby pins,      Tampons,      Pads/panty liners
  • primping station outside bathrooms for outdoor weddings
  • Bathroom jars for wedding guest emergency kit in the reception restroom - prettier than baskets and easier to see what's inside!
  • Yes, you should remember to decorate the bathrooms at your wedding reception......never thought about that

New Jersey Bridal Expo & $5,000 Sweepstakes

It was FANTASTIC seeing some of my Brides at the show today! Tomorrow, there’s one more chance to win the $5000.00 bucks towards your wedding. There’s also multiple $500 raffles and LOTS of other giveaways – DON’T MISS OUT !

We’re in the same row as “The Cake Boss”! Today, the Meadowlands was packed with fabulous Vendors and beautiful Brides!

The 2015 Bridal Expo
Meadowlands Expo Center
355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Don’t pay admission to see us! Register and print your FREE Bridal Expo passes so you don’t have to pay 10 bucks at the door.

Enter for your chance at the $5,000 Bridal sweepstakes.

Hope to see you Sunday between 11am – 5pm because it’s YOUR DAY TO SHINE!

Win $5,000 This Saturday & Sunday ONLY!

Don’t forget TODAY and TOMORROW (11am-5pm) is the GIANT Meadowlands Wedding Expo. Vendors from all over will be strutting their stuff and so will we, so come see us!

Enter for your chance at the $5,000 Bridal sweepstakes.

Register and print your FREE Bridal Expo passes so you don’t have to pay 10 bucks at the door.

AND…. if you book a free consultation with us at the event to start your wedding planning you’ll get an ADDITIONAL 10% off our services too!

Hope to see you there!

Join us at the Meadowlands Bridal Extravaganza

January 10th and 11th, 2015 from 11am-5pm –
come and join us for a Bridal Expo at 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094!

Fabulous prizes: Photo Booth Giveaways, Free Dance Lessons, Personal Trainer Lessons, win $500 – $5,000 for your upcoming wedding and MORE!

Don’t pay at the door. Download your FREE Bridal Expo passes!

What style? What colors? What venue? What budget? How many guests? Formal, Casual or somewhere in between?
That’s why we’re here ! No more guessing ! No more wondering !

It’s Your Day to Shine !

Your Day To Shine is a Wedding and Event planning business located in Ocean County New Jersey, serving the Tri-State area.

The Vow

While Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum were a memorable couple in the movie “The Vow”, I am talking about writing your vows for your wedding day. So many brides and their significant other tell me they have plenty of time to write their vows. Months turn into weeks and weeks into days and then they realize they have no idea where to start!

I think it’s a great idea to surf the net and read samples that other people have written, but it’s much easier to answer some questions about your own personal relationship to get a jump start on your own vows. When things are going great, we only see one side of the person we’re going to marry. It’s only when the relationship is tested by the trials and tribulations we call ‘life’ that we get a more 3D version of our fiancé. That may be a great place to start!

  • What were some of these hard times and how did you both work through them?
  • How about the first time you saw your other half… what was your raw and honest first thoughts of them?
  • Why did you decide to get married and what do you both want to accomplish as a couple?
  • When you’re not together, what is the one thing you miss most?
  • The sweetest wedding keepsake - a custom canvas with one of your wedding portraits alongside your wedding vows. Makes for the perfect headboard!
  • Wedding Vows by CreativeTypeDesigns on Etsy
  • HERS & HIS Wedding Vows Art over the bed decor!
  • The Wedding Readings You’ve Been Searching For | Lemon Pie Wedding Stationery, Bespoke Wedding Stationery, Ipswich, Suffolk, London & UK
  • Bridal Shower Wedding Vow Mad Libs {April from House by Hoff} – Rain on a Tin Roof
  • Gorgeous love note from the bride to her groom. Perfect for that something blue! {Photo by Reese Moore Weddings}
  • I saved our vows in the Wedding Keepsake Journal.  This would be a nice display!!! Consider buying this for our next anniversay :)  Patricia
  • invitación de boda blanca y dorada
  • Wedding Vow Art - B is for Brown - Handmade Wedding | Emmaline Bride
  • Apache Wedding Blessing- used with my wedding vows.  Still makes me cry...
  • Framed wedding vows. A great First Anniversary gift keeping with the tradition of giving paper. - The Learner Observer
  • after the wedding hang your vows on the wall as a constant reminder
  • Ring bearer’s box instead of a pillow. | 23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas
  • How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows
  • Wedding Vow Book  His and Hers  Woodland Wedding Decor Noteworthydesignsco, $10.20
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Some more tips:

  • KEEP IN MIND who will be attending the wedding and listening to your vows? Inside jokes and silly nicknames are great in private, but you may have hundreds of guests wondering what you’re talking about and it may be embarrassing 20 years from now when your own children or grandchildren are watching the video!
  • Practice out loud and in front of a person(s) that will give honest feedback is even better.
  • It’s never too early to start and you can always add too it as the wedding date gets closer.
  • Print a copy on your favorite paper and keep in your wedding album as a beautiful keepsake.

By the way, this is by no means exclusive to traditional weddings. Some of the most unique and memorial vows have come from my non-traditional couples!

Going to see David Tutera tonight

I am so excited! David Tutera is hosting an event called ‘Cocktails and Wedding Bells’ right in Ocean County, NJ tonight!

images1The Radisson Hotel in Freehold, NJ will be hosting David as he shares tips for brides and shares some of his favorite celebrity moments. Some of the celebrities David has worked with are: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, the Rolling Stones, he’s also done weddings for Star Jones, Shannen Doherty and Antonio Pierce from the Giants.

Your Day to Shine will get the scoop on the latest wedding trends, what makes today’s “do’s” and “don’ts” list, and of course behind-the-scenes info on his WEtv television show.

What’s Your Bride Type?

David Tutera, Cinderella, Kate Middleton, George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin. When you hear these names, you immediately have an image in your head.

But let’s stop and imagine YOUR wedding. What is YOUR vision ? Remember this is YOUR DAY TO SHINE, so it’s our job to see YOUR dream wedding through YOUR eyes. Of course every Bride doesn’t have a Princess Diana budget, but that doesn’t mean a she can’t have a wedding fit for royalty !!

Make a list!

  • What are your must haves and deal breakers?
  • What would you love to have?
  • What would you like to see?
  • What is not really important?
  • What is the maximum number of guests you would invite … & do your Mother and your groom’s Mother agree on that number?

We don’t just construct a beautiful wedding that any Bride could step in and enjoy. Our job is to make it YOURS!

  • Angelina Jolie on her wedding day. The back of her dress and veil were embroidered with her children's art work.
  • This shows that she's a devoted mother to her kids to have their personal drawings on her bridal veil >> I admire her so much for being non-traditional & herself - she might have even brought out a new trend of bridal style!
  • George Clooney Amal Alamuddin Wedding - Date and Plans for George Clooney's Wedding - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine
  • George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding in Venice
  • kate middleton is gorgeous and her dress was stunning... #perfection
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton.
  • Pippa Middleton's Surprising Confession About Kate Middleton's Wedding Day
  • O_O <---- my face when I saw Kate Middleton walking down the aisle in what looked exactly like the wedding dress I dreamed about as a little girl.
  • Modern Cinderella is it that a pair of shoes can make a person drool...literally! | Christian Louboutin Impera Pumps
  • Vanity Fair Has Your First Look at Cinderella’s Beautiful Wedding Gown | Fashion | Disney Style
  • Dreams Come True: New Cinderella Trailer and an Exclusive Interview with Kenneth Branagh
  • Prepare to Be Absolutely Enchanted by the Fashion in Cinderella | cynthia reccord  #FarfetchFairytale
  • 5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding from My Fair Wedding's David Tutera : Flash:
  • David Tutera for Mon Cheri Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride
  • David Tutera for Mon Cheri Spring 2014 Bridal Collection - Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride
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We’ve seen the Brides that David Tutera has worked with through the years and their colorful nicknames: Goth Bride, Swamp Bride, Alice in Wonderland, Breast Cancer Survivor Bride, Bell Dancing Bride, Royal Bride, Wizard of Oz, Shabby Chic Bride, Bollywood Bride, Heaven & Earth Bride, Monopoly Bride and many many more.

We find ourselves glued to our seats waiting to see what fabulous and incredibly unique weddings are revealed in each episode. However, do you think any Bride that you’ve seen would be just as happy in a different episode? Probably not. WHY? Because they would just be a visitor in someone else’s dream. That’s why we’re here– so that you, too, can have YOUR DAY TO SHINE!

Attention Wedding Gown Buyers!

Attention all brides-to-be! When searching for that perfect wedding gown that all eyes will be on as you walk down the aisle, beware of scam websites offering counterfeit wedding dresses. Last year over 500,000 buyers in the United States purchased fraudulent dresses from overseas retailers who advertised online. Brides received dresses that didn’t match the description. They were cheaply made with cheap material. Some had to resort to expensive alterations just to make the dress wearable at all.

So what can you do? Here’s my advice:

  • Use the internet to research the seller.
  • Call the seller. Speak to a real person and ask lots of question. Its the best way to determine if the business is legit.
  • Make sure the retailer is authorized by the designer to sell its dresses.
  • If you see a REALLY LOW price on a designer gown… let this be a red flag. If its too good to be true… beware.

Of course there are definitely deals out there to be had. There are plenty of good and reputable dress shops right here in Ocean County, NJ and as Your Day To Shine spreads its wings, I’ve come to know great places in Monmouth County, Union County, Burlington County, Essex County, etc. Your Day to Shine has great advice to give. Let Your Day To Shine guide you through every step of this exciting and hectic time. So to all of you New Jersey Brides… book your appointment today! Its Your Day To Shine!