Don’t forget about the all important Body Parts!!!

What about how we look in those photos we just invested so much money in?


So as we all know getting married takes a lot of planning and budgeting and depending on how elaborate we want our Wedding to be it can be extremely expensive.


With that being said…we put all this time and money into picking the right Venue, DJ or Band, Photographer, Florist “Wedding Planner” Etc what about investing in ourselves?


We need to look fantastic in those photos that we invested in, not just with the beautiful dress, hair and makeup but our whole selves.


Imagine yourself in your dream dress your hair and makeup perfect your beautiful smile but when you see your completed photos you wished your arms were a little more sculpted and your shoulders had that sexy little cap definition to them or whatever the little nit picking you may do to yourself.


Do your self a favor and check yourself out when you try on your dress. know what you want that dress to look like. What you want your arms, shoulders, chest and back to look like in it.

If you try it on and you are happy with all of you… FANTASTIC!


However, if your not do something about it and get happy with all of you. Consider a personal trainer four to six months before your wedding. A personal trainer will work on the body parts you are not happy with and get you the results you want. Find the right trainer for you. They are definitely worth the investment.

Price out a few personal trainers in your area and schedule some free consultations. Make sure the one you decide to go with you are comfortable with because they are going to work you, that’s their job. If you’re in the Monmouth County area I recommend “Body By Irene”. She will listen to what it is you expect and want from her and she will work with you to achieve the results you want.

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